Value Added

Customs service

As an internationally operating logistics company we are very familiar with global customs regulations.

Whether goods are shipped from a third country to the EU or from the EU to a third country: We are familiar with the individual customs requirements of the destination countries and take care of the entire customs process with the local customs authorities. Ideal connections make this possible.

Our employees have always had excellent relationships with airlines, shipping companies, authorities and public institutions. With a high level of precision when completing documents for customs and authorities, we ensure a smooth process for your shipment. Due to the close interconnectedness of our logistics providers with local customs requirements, our employees are informed ahead of time about necessary customs clearance requirements and are able to arrange them.

We know from experience: Close connections to local contact persons are the basic prerequisite for the success of our work. To know the language and conventions of the respective country is a huge advantage. Our own on-site tax representatives guarantee error-free handling: They have established good relationships with the local customs authorities and gained their trust. Furthermore, we are always aware of the most current local regulations due to constant communication.

The benefits at a glance:

  • Tax representatives for shipments from third countries with direct transport to another EU country
  • Our own tax representatives on site
  • Customs consulting and customs clearance
  • Savings of time and money
  • Electronic export procedures, processing via ATLAS (automated tariff and local customs clearance system)

Foreign Trade Compliance

The individual customs regulations and security precautions of the destination countries create an additional hurdle. Tightened aviation security standards and measures for the inspection and guarding of goods have been implemented in the age of global terrorism.

This includes systematic freight screening, sealing of containers, restricted access to vessels or harbors as well as embargo measures. As part our Foreign Trade Compliance, we make sure to comply with all legal requirements. Our experts are always informed on the most up-to-date status. Therefore, we provide you with maximum security, and save you time and money. Above all, we want your goods to arrive at their destination safely and on time.

Selected measures that may differ from country to country:

  • Tightened standards for aviation security
  • Systematic freight screening
  • Container sealing
  • Increased risk management
  • Access restrictions in harbors and on vessels
  • Pre-registration of customs information for incoming shipments
  • Voluntary security partnerships
  • Embargo measures