Chinese New Year 2024

Important information on air and ocean freight shipping during Chinese New Year 2024

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In view of the upcoming Chinese New Year, we would like to inform you about the potential impact on air and sea freight shipping and provide you with some important information to ensure your logistics run smoothly.

Chinese New Year 2024 (also known as Spring Festival): The Chinese New Year, which begins on February 10 in 2024, marks the beginning of the Year of the Dragon. During this time, celebrations will take place across the country and many businesses in China will be closed for several days to two weeks.


Impact on freight traffic:


Delays: Due to factory closures and an increase in shipping activity prior to the holiday, there may be delays in freight transportation. We recommend that you take this into account when planning your logistics.

Bottlenecks in transportation capacity: Due to the high demand before the Chinese New Year, bottlenecks may occur in the availability of air and sea freight capacity. Early bookings are advisable.


Recommendations for a smooth process:


Early planning: start planning your shipping activities around Chinese New Year as early as possible to minimize bottlenecks and delays.

Communicate with suppliers and customers: Inform your suppliers and customers of potential delays and plan together to minimize supply chain impacts.

Bookings: Make bookings for air and sea freight in good time to secure the capacity you need.

Flexibility: Be flexible with your delivery times and options to cope with unforeseen delays.


Our team is always available to assist you in planning and implementing your logistics during the Chinese New Year. Thank you for your understanding and please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions or concerns.